Kirk M. Clark

Sand Coulee MT

Dear Bob,

I have hunted with a Goshawk knife for 2 years. Next to the weapon that I hunt with, it has proven to be the most valuable tool I could carry on a hunt. One of my most recent hunts to Alaska validated this point. In September, my hunting partner and I did a remote trophy moose hunt where we both took big bulls. One of the 4 knives that we had in camp was the Goshawk knife I got from you. It was the only knife in camp that could handle the job of skinning, butchering and capping over 3200 pounds of moose. I have never seen another knife that will hold an edge longer and stay sharper than a Goshawk knife. What is most amazing is, upon returning home, it took less than five minutes to put a razor sharp finish back on the blade. It is plain to see that the most durable and useable knives to found anywhere are Goshawk Knives. Thank you, Bob, for building a knife of such rare quality and exceptional craftsmanship. Anyone wanting to own the last and best knife they will ever need should be carrying a Goshawk Knife.

Thank you,

Kirk Clark

(Note of interest: This knife only had a 4″ blade with 3 1/4″ of cutting edge).

Bob Hollar has made me two Goshawk knives and they have been the best knives I have ever used bar none!!
I have guided for the last 35 years and have used a lot of different knives. The Goshawk knives have held an edge better than any knife I’ve ever used in the past. The edge has hold up especially well when caping elk which in the past was our toughest test for a knife
The handles are especially functional and unique.
I’ve also really liked the leather sheath and how the knife carries in the field.
No one will be disappointed with a Goshawk knife.

David Hovde
Professional hunter guide in Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

Dec. 24 2014


I was busy putting my hunting stuff away and was again impressed with the knife you made me some 20 years ago.
This baby has been to Alaska twice and Africa once, not to mention the animals we have used it on here in Montana.
When my hunting partners are 1\2 done with their bull elk and are trying to sharpen their knives, I will finish mine and most times theirs. The drop point is an awesome design and has served me well.  Thanks again for a great product.

Ron Udall

April 2015


I wanted to let you know how much i really like the knife you made for me. As you know, I make my living as a full time trapper and make and sell baits and lures. I buy old and lame animals from the sale ring that are destined for slaughter and them fatten them up a little and then butcher them. I have never before been able to gut, skin, butcher and bone out an animal without stopping several times to sharpen a knife. When i say bone out i mean the bones look like a piranha hit them. That dulls most knives pretty fast. Skinning a horse is about as hard on a knife as doing a moose…. some tendons are an inch in diameter and it goes through them in one swipe. The knife you made for me went through the complete process of doing a horse without having to stop once…This knife blade is beyond awesome and the way you shape the handle fits my hand perfectly. It only took a couple of minutes to put a razor edge back on it.



I wanted to let you know I needed another knife. The one you made for me to take to Alaska didn’t make it back with me. My guide who helped me get the largest grizzly taken in 1996 (Which I got a plaque for from International Safari) wouldn’t let me leave with it. He has been guiding for over 20 years up there and has never seen a knife hold an edge like it did. He used it on my griz and was grinning from ear to ear. By the way this grizzly is ranked 5th largest overall. BIG BEAR. Looking forward to new knife. (This bear is on display at Big Bear Sporting Goods in Great Falls MT)

John Jeffrey McPartlin
Fairfield Montana

Feb. 24 2000

Rex Walter
Elwood City PA

Hello Bob,

Just a short note. I will test the three blades the way I described in my email.  It may take two to three weeks before I am finished.
– Rex

Enclosed are the test results.
After I did my tests I took the material to a friend of mine that has been an expert in metallurgy for years. He stated he has never seen forged steel with such fine grain size.
Keep up the fine work
– Rex


The knife I got from you is fantastic. It combines both function and durability and is the only knife I carry. For someone that spends as much time as I do riding and hunting the back country it is as essential to me as my rifle. I used it on a Grizzly, a 6 point Elk and a big Whitetail buck…. it was still sharp. Pretty impressive tool considering that not only were all three capped, but the Elk and deer were also quartered and packed out. Thanks again for making such a great knife.

Ron Udall
Great Falls Montana

President WC&T
Cedar Falls IA
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 09:46:12
Subject: Your knife blew me away!

… I did receive the knife and of all the knives I’ve ever bought or received, this is by far the nicest and believe me I’ve got some nice ones. No kidding…..that’s some kind of talent you have. Some things are worth waiting for.
Peace be with you.


…….. My dad bought a Goshawk knife out of a small store in Augusta MT when he was out West hunting. I would like to have one made like it only with a stag handle.
My dad won’t let his out of his sight. Lol


Upper New York